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Contact Person : Vinodh - Sr Manager - Business Development
Areas of Interest : Mineral, Textile, Inedible Plant and Animal Materials, Farming, Fishing, Forestry, Wildlife Machinery and Accessories, Building, Construction Machinery and Accessories, Industrial Manufacturing, Processing Machinery and Accessories, Tools and General Machinery, Medical Equipment, Accessories and Supplies, Sports, Recreational Equipment, Accessories and Supplies, Food, Beverage and Tobacco Products, Apparel, Luggage, Personal Care Products, Furniture and Furnishings, Musical Instruments, Games, Toys, Arts & Crafts and Educational Equipment, Transportation and Storage and Mail Services

AMRL is an integrated development that is emerging as the destination of choice for world-class industries and business in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Built on smart city concepts, AMRL encompasses a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) with an adjoining FTWZ (Free Trade Warehousing Zone) and a proposed DTA (Domestic Tariff Area), and is located in EMC (Electronics Manufacturing Cluster) designated district.
Master-planned by Jurong Consultants, Singapore, it is spread over 2518 acres and offers a holistic development model, complementing business with lifestyle amenities. AMRL is well poised to become the primary driver of economic growth in the region.