One-on-One B2B meetings

One-on-One B2B meetings is planned on 31st October at BIEC Bangalore during IMS 2017.

Exhibitors from various business sectors from Karnataka and other states of India and about 15 countries internationally are participating in this event. This event is being conducted to promote various Manufacturing Sectors keeping in focus our Prime Minister’s objective to encourage “Make in India“. Major Industries and Large Public Sector Organizations will be participating in the event in good number.

These One-on-One meetings will be able to connect Large, Medium and Small Industries to get connected on a common platform and build business relationships. The business sectors participating in the event are:

  1. Automation & Robotics
  2. Aerospace & Defense Engineering
  3. Energy & Environment
  4. Auto Components
  5. Industrial Engineering
  6. Metallurgy & Mining

Meetings will be arranged between:

  1. Exhibitors
    LUB Karnataka Members
  2. Exhibitors
  3. LUB Karnataka Members

Meet the Participants:

Here is a list of participants for the B2B Event to be held on 31st October

Description of Meeting Arrangements:

One-on-One meeting will be pre-arranged between Exhibitors, Members and other Buyers and Sellers at BIEC. Each meeting will be for 30 Minutes and time slots will be intimated to participants in advance. Organizers will be charging a nominal amount of Rs. 500/- per meeting from the exhibitors’, members and visitors. Participants will have Secretarial facilities for drafting MOU, or any other documents.