L&T Construction & Equipment Ltd. IMS2017 ExhibitorExhibitor

Contact Person : S. Hemanth Kumar - JGM Marketing
Areas of Interest : Mining, Well Drilling Machinery and Accessories, Building, Construction Machinery and Accessories, Industrial Manufacturing, Processing Machinery and Accessories, Material Handling, Conditioning, Storage Machinery and their Accessories, Commercial, Military, Private Vehicles, their Accessories and Components, Power Generation, Distribution Machinery and Accessories, Structures, Building, Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies, Manufacturing Components and Supplies, Service Industry Machinery, Equipment and Supplies, Industrial Production and Manufacturing Services, Engineering, Research and Technology Based Services

L&T Construction Equipment Limited is a 100% subsidiary of L&T. With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience in high pressure hydrualic equipments, Our products finds its applications ranging from Construction, Earthmoving Equipments to customized hydraulic systems for Material handling. A few of our popular products are Hydraulic motors, Pumps, Rotary and Swivel Joints and customized Hydraulic systems.
State of the art Manufacturing facilities, a highly skilled and experienced workforce are our major strengths.We have the ability to engineer Hydraulic systems for customer specific applications including design, fabrication, installation and commissioning. Showing an excellent track record of exports, we continue to priorotize on customer satisfaction and ensure a very high quality of our products