Make In 3D Technologies Pvt. Ltd. LUB Karanataka Member IMS2017 ExhibitorExhibitor

Contact Person : Abhay S - CTO & Co-Founder
Areas of Interest : Resin, Rosin, Rubber, Foam, Film and Elastomeric Materials, Building, Construction Machinery and Accessories, Industrial Manufacturing, Processing Machinery and Accessories, Commercial, Military, Private Vehicles, their Accessories and Components, Power Generation, Distribution Machinery and Accessories, Tools and General Machinery, Defense, Law Enforcement, Security, Safety Equipment and Supplies, Timepieces, Jewelry and Gemstone Products, Industrial Production and Manufacturing Services

Make In 3D, is an award winning manufacturers of 3D Printers and providers of 3D Printing Services across India and UK.
Our range of 3D Printers is of the highest quality, and our competitive prices ensure you do not need to compromise on the size or the key features your desire from your 3D Printer.
Want to simply 3D Print your product or model design?Â
Simply leverage our 3D Printing service to turn your 3D Designs into tangible 3D Objects up to 70% FASTER, CHEAPER and BETTER than other traditional methods.Â
It can help you reduce production cost and improve speed to market time. Over the years, the machines have become more advanced, more capable of providing you with a variety of options to print.
Forged together towards the common goal of transforming human lives with 3D Printing. We share the same passion towards technology and how it can be used to change your everyday lives into something more meaningful, at the same time taking care of the planet