nanoPix ISS (P) Ltd LUB Karanataka Member

Contact Person : Sasisekar - CTO
Areas of Interest : Live Plant, Animal Material, Accessories and Supplies, Mineral, Textile, Inedible Plant and Animal Materials, Paper Materials and Products, Mining, Well Drilling Machinery and Accessories, Farming, Fishing, Forestry, Wildlife Machinery and Accessories, Industrial Manufacturing, Processing Machinery and Accessories, Material Handling, Conditioning, Storage Machinery and their Accessories, Manufacturing Components and Supplies, Electronic Components and Supplies, Laboratory, Measuring, Observing and Testing Equipment, Medical Equipment, Accessories and Supplies, Defense, Law Enforcement, Security, Safety Equipment and Supplies, Sports, Recreational Equipment, Accessories and Supplies, Food, Beverage and Tobacco Products, Drugs and Pharmaceutical Products, Farming, Fishing, Forestry and Wildlife Contracting Services, Mining, Oil & Gas Services, Industrial Production and Manufacturing Services, Engineering, Research and Technology Based Services, Healthcare Services, National Defense, Public Order, Security and Safety Services

nanoPix is an image and video processing product company focusing on automation. It has focus sectors in Agriculture, Healthcare, Safety/Security and Entertainment. We have products for Horticultural produce grading, esp. nuts and fruits. We also hold technologies in other sectors. The company has applied for more than 30 patents in application areas of image processing. Its unique imageIn technology gives nanoPix an edge over other 3D modeling based image processing techniques not just in performance and reliability but also cost.