Natsy By Design

Contact Person : Natasha Acharya - Founder
Areas of Interest : Mineral, Textile, Inedible Plant and Animal Materials, Apparel, Luggage, Personal Care Products, Timepieces, Jewelry and Gemstone Products, Musical Instruments, Games, Toys, Arts & Crafts and Educational Equipment

Natsy By Design is an endeavor to protect, preserve and promote all things hand-crafted in the Indian subcontinent. We collaborate with artisans from across this varied land and present their age old craft to the world through our online store. It is an effort to reclaim our extraordinary heritage not just in its traditional form but to re-invent it in unique products and sustainable designs that compliment contemporary lifestyle. It is also an ongoing effort to create a market for these products by educating the audience about the history of these crafts and the need to patronize not just the crafts but the artisan communities that struggle to keep them alive.
The bigger vision is to provide a resource platform for the artisans which they can access for design innovation, cross-industry training, craft collaborations, photography, graphic designing, product cataloging, online listing, online marketing etc… to enable them to reach a bigger global audience thereby moving towards a more sustainable livelihood.
We currently work with over 50 artisans and as many craft styles. Our website showcases over 1000 unique products that have been carefully curated. We have been online for over three years and have an audience of over 3,00,000 hits a month. All of this has been achieved organically and the road ahead is to scale.