NRB Bearings Ltd. IMS2017 ExhibitorExhibitor

Contact Person : Tribhuban Sarangi - Lead Aerospace
Areas of Interest : Commercial, Military, Private Vehicles, their Accessories and Components, Defense, Law Enforcement, Security, Safety Equipment and Supplies, National Defense, Public Order, Security and Safety Services

NRB Bearings – Customised Friction Solutions Across Mobility Applications;
Incorporated in 1965, NRB is present in 90% of vehicles running on Indian roads. Spearheading leading edge technology for five decades it has the distinction of being India’s first needle roller bearings manufacturer in India with close to 70 % market share. It is also a market leader with 46% growth rate in cylindrical bearings. Offering a wide range of high precision friction solutions for all mobility applications. This company’s client list included world leaders in the automobile industry viz. Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Honda, John Deere, Bosch, ZF and Getrag. NRB envisions a presence in every vehicle in the world.