Selvitate Technoligies Pvt.Ltd LUB Karanataka Member

Contact Person : Charith G Kashyap - Founder & CEO
Areas of Interest : Live Plant, Animal Material, Accessories and Supplies, Chemicals including Bio Chemicals and Gas Materials, Paper Materials and Products, Building, Construction Machinery and Accessories, Electronic Components and Supplies, Distribution, Conditioning Systems, Equipment and Components, Furniture and Furnishings

Selvitate “ Backbone for your E-Commerce Biz”
Selvitate is a young start-up based at Bangalore, India. We provide complete automation and operations management solution for e-commerce and digital distribution business. We provide a one stop solution for all your E-Commerce Operations.
CORE VALUES: To Deliver Excellence and continuously move forward with innovation.
MISSION: Our priority is to build a platform which can help SMB and Large Corporates to manage Their E-Commerce Business with Ease.