Visu Poly Products P ltd IMS2017 ExhibitorExhibitor

Contact Person : Vivek Das - Marketing Head
Areas of Interest : Industrial Manufacturing, Processing Machinery and Accessories, Material Handling, Conditioning, Storage Machinery and their Accessories, Manufacturing Components and Supplies, Electronic Components and Supplies, Transportation and Storage and Mail Services

We are a plastic based company, who are into the manufacturing of Plastic sheets and components. We are a 30 year old company. We specialize in manufacturing material handling trays in HDPE, PP, ABS and HIPS. We look forward for companies who require our assistance to transport metal parts and spares / components with in the factories or across states. We provide good quality trays, where in the components are placed in well designed trays for easy transports. We have our own tool room and design team. Do let us know, if you have any requirements.